Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rad Warp filter: swimming fonts

Rad Warp filter: swimming fonts

KPT5.0 Rad Warp in the same filter as magic mirror, use it for the surface of stainless steel or glass ball design reflected images, such as simulation of mirror image in the car. And use it to create distorted text will be more interesting, when the font becomes concave when the convex, as will the general flow. Production, each line of text in a separate floating layer, the completion of deformation, some layers may wish to try a number of mixed-layer model, in order to be covered the following content to be seen. This is bent into a curve of the text images, the layout, we should pay attention to the continuity of momentum, colors should not be too complicated.

Rad Warp filter a total of only five adjustable parameters, the first two parameters together, distorting mirror of the bump effect to complete the third and fourth controls the center of concave and convex spherical surface, in fact, the center can determine in the preview window using the mouse , click on the preview window and drag to each location, the resulting deformation will, therefore these two parameters can basically do not. The last parameter controls the rotation in the plane.

Comparing the above two preview window display, and parameter settings. Almost the same as the first two deformation parameters, while the X, Y coordinate values are completely different, which if you move the body in the distorting mirror Qian, though with a concavo-but if you move it slightly, the mirror image Huiyouhenda The change, which is one of the reasons you laugh. The fifth parameter in the above legend close to the middle, that is, 0, then almost no rotation, but following the preview window, the text direction of 45 degrees tilt, rotation is the result.

Application filter before the first word onto the screen the best right in the middle, so that the effect of uniform deformation, the effect of local deformation more strongly, of course, sometimes text will appear near the corner of the screen interesting twist effect, but it may be the result of deformation, cause some words than pictures, which some will be lost.

Sometimes you may want to fluctuations text effects, which can be used to Rad Warp built Distort filters and filter combinations Photoshp applications obtained. For example, on Figure I first raised with the Rad Warp to the text, then use the Distort the Wave filter to the text have the effect of fluctuations. You must judge the whole, no example is to be such and such, every step possible will have to change, but the effect will be changing. Because of this, I rarely limited to adjustable parameters, sometimes omit some of the production steps of the introduction, but will concentrate on the functional properties of the explanation, I hope that this little tool could be cited jade tiles but by no means is the jade itself.

From this legend can be seen below, a slight adjustment in part, will be great changes, compared with the results of the previous design, which one do you prefer?

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