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Chen Wende: Narrow City rushed machine must

Luo Sheng Tianjin enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjin Luo Sheng") is a circulation enterprise, usually after the organization received purchase orders from customers (also projected that procurement case). It is understood in the industry rise to the formation of rival Luo and Tianjin enterprises almost rare, in this narrow city to survive should be a pleasant thing, but the general manager of Tianjin Luo Sheng Chen Wende has categorically said: "Narrow City Machine must vie with one another, this world is not the blow. "

ERP to consolidate enterprise infrastructure platform

It is understood that Romanian market rise enterprises concentrated in the mainland, is the most important Romanian companies rose enterprise. Compared to a Taiwanese company, Tianjin Luo Sheng business is more complicated and more representative. "Romania has set up across the country rose 13 sales offices, regional head of line of 7 categories according to the product sales. Despite the limited size of the company Luo l, but the business by product line is divided into seven separate departments, each department purchase orders on their own based on experience and is responsible for their own products. currently Luo Sheng is one more headache for the stock material is too high (roughly 200 million or so). "CHEN Wen said. "At present, the mainland economy has developed rapidly, Luo Sheng results today largely because of time into the industry early, but as time goes by, there will be more and more enterprises to competition. In addition, with the the pressure of the mainland market rising employment costs, the market will consciously out small businesses out of the rest is truly strength in this environment, Tianjin Luo l must also be prepared into a new Oracle ERP system is a must line. "

Lo Sheng Tianjin were responsible for system implementation and business processes into all sort of Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the implementation of the project, said project manager Jiang Weiren, the existing business operations in the industrial sector, simply relying on the hard disk-type management system has long been can not meet enterprise needs. All entered information from the customer service seen in the past, more and more enterprises want to use advanced management tools business process re-sort in the structures based on the excellent platform for further information and development. Process of e-efficiency requirements

Turning to Lo Sheng Tianjin's position in Asia, said Chen Wende, Tianjin Sheng Lo Sheng Lo is the largest one company, is the last line of the first leg of the new system, will follow after the formal run cloned into Hong Kong and Taiwan. From 1984 to 2008, Tianjin Luo l have 4 people from small workshop to more than 300 employees-scale enterprises. Requirements necessary requirement for efficiency in the process based on e-increase system response speed.

At present, Tianjin Luo rose from procurement to production to sales, inventory, financial and other aspects of the management software has different levels of dependence. Chen Wende said: "Since the sale of business properties, Tianjin Luo Sheng often encountered in the industry question the role of conversion, therefore requires a system able to provide the necessary security restrictions platform, and can concentrate on monitoring these rights, centralized dispatch." He introduction, Luo Sheng enterprise has 20 years of IT experience, has become familiar with the information into custom affect important weight, can not wait until the break as soon as possible become a bottleneck that day.

In view of this, the project manager, said Jiang Weiren Luo Sheng Tianjin is currently a project to do ERP testing. Project testing and implementation of modules does not exist has the order of one, including financial management, logistics management, order management and other business modules, including nine simultaneous tests, expected to be formally launched in April.

The first requirement is the flexibility of unified management

Chen Wende said: "The current rise Luo faced by the Group can not integrate information systems; can not effectively provide the Group unification of management information platform and quickly correct the information within the enterprise integration problem; unable to provide senior management group and speed up decision-making based on the issues the speed of processing and response problems; and the mainland of China in Tianjin Luo rise in the sales business process management and control of credit occurred, changing products, and price management problems. "In this regard, Jiang Weiren said:

Unilaterally in the business then, as the rise does not affect the existing pattern of Tianjin Luo, the integration of logistics and transportation management; available to dealers and customers more timely, accurate shipping information, improve customer satisfaction; all the information into the flexible use of Oracle open architecture, the second development to integrate business network in Tianjin Luo Sheng flexibility and fast under the single edge; Oralce ERP system in tandem with the sales price control management, customer credit control and accounts receivable processing and so on seamless integration. The purpose of this one can improve customer satisfaction, while sales of changing products and avoid inappropriate behavior, on the other hand will not be damaging the interests of the company.

Cost control, the current rise in line in Tianjin Luo sales process, there is rapid orders, fast shipping needs. However, the old information system products but because of processing costs in the calculation process is too slow and cause is not immediately after the completion of work orders shipped distress storage, thus affecting the customer's delivery. This part of the whole business into the information network by integrating under a single rose immediately after the throw to Oracle by way of production management system, providing Tianjin Luo rise in customer orders, ready for immediate access to processing procedures; and immediately after the completion of shipments to customers. Month follow-up with Oracle ERP to be the weighted average cost of operations when the roll count at the end of the actual cost of the properties, accurately calculate the actual batch work order cost. Thus not only speed up the delivery of fluency, but also give rise to clear Tianjin Luo grasp the profit status of each order. Links:

1984, Luo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. established

Investment in the mainland in 1993, set up in Tianjin Luo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

2002, through ISO-9001: 2000 international quality certification

Luo Sheng Tianjin in 2003 has been set up 13 branch offices

In 2004 investment in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Lo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. established

Corporation (Luo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.) shares listed in Taiwan

Investment in Singapore in 2005 to set up Singapore Luo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Luo Sheng Tianjin Airport Industrial Park in Tianjin to invest and 20 003 thousand square meters factory

2006, Luo Sheng Tianjin headquarters to the new plant, construction of e-commerce system upgrade

Background information system vendors:

All into the Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (AdvancedTEK Technology Inc.) Founded in 2003, is a leading consultancy Brand in Greater China "forward International Group AdvancedTEK" Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai and Shenzhen offices. "Forward International Group" in manufacturing, especially high-tech industries, has 10 years of rich information services, consulting and system implementation experience, over 300 people in the consulting team, and an international software company ORACLE, Hyperion, Agile, Brooks , UGS, HP, SUN and other major consulting services partner, is the ORACLE Partner of the Year, 2007, Greater China Areas. Main business is to provide the information needed to multinational global logistics applications consultancy services (MES, ERP, SCM, PLM, BI, EPM, CRM), large-scale systems integration services (SUN MicroSystem), consultancy services, the mainland bonded contract Customs verification systems consultancy services (GCC), information outsourcing services, strategic planning, operations management.

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