Monday, October 25, 2010

Useful tool for Snippet Compiler

Snippet Compiler is based on Windows? Small application, you can use it to write, compile and run code. If you have a small code segment, and you do not want to create a complete in Visual Studio. NET project (Yi Ji all the files associated with the project), then the tool would be useful. NOTE: Visual Basic 6.0 the previous version can not save the project file in the case of direct running, debugging, very convenient. This feature in the preparation of a small program as long as the provisional time very useful. Visual Studio.NET and later to have the same as Visual C + + to create, save many documents, and even a very small project. However, Visual Studio 2005 Express is said to feature again after the restore, and it sounds great.
For example, suppose I want to show you how from Microsoft?. NET Framework launch another application. In the Snippet Compiler, I will create a small console application to create the file began. In the console application's Main method to create code fragments inside, and this is what I want to do here. The following code fragment demonstrates how. NET Framework to create an instance of Notepad:

using System;
using System.Collections;

public class MyClass
public static void Main ()
System.Diagnostics.Process proc = new System.Diagnostics.Process ();
proc.StartInfo.FileName = "notepad.exe";
proc.Start ();
proc.WaitForExit ();

Of course, can not compile the code fragment itself, which is Snippet Compiler comes. Figure 1 shows the Snippet Compiler of this code example.

Figure 1Snippet Compiler

To test this code snippet, simply click play (run) button (green triangle), it will run in debug mode.

The code fragment will generate a pop-up console application, and will appear in Notepad. When you close Notepad, the console application will be shut down.

For me personally, I was trying to help someone who told me to create a small sample, they find Snippet Compiler is so valuable - if you do not use the tool, I usually have to create a new project, to ensure that each Some can compile, and then sent to the callers code fragment, and remove the item. Snippet Compiler makes this process easier and more enjoyable.

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"Digital Tobacco" to Me

China has joined the WTO organization, with the "special zero evidence" of the cancellation and a further tariff reduction, the trend of internationalization of the domestic market will be more obvious, while competition in the tobacco industry will also be international development, the tobacco companies in China large enterprises will face international challenges. In order to improve China's ability to resist market risks of tobacco, to participate in international competition, have to rely on information tools. Currently, information has become a permit enterprises to participate in global competition, information technology has become the next tobacco industry, the focus of the reform and development. The number of tobacco is tobacco information.

"Digital tobacco" is based on modern business management ideas and e-commerce operation, using information technology to promote scientific management, and promote the standardization of operations, led the modernization of circulation, according to data centralized, system integration, interoperability, resource sharing, management and efficient construction requirements of a systematic, involving all aspects of the tobacco industry, necessary for the state Bureau, the Provincial Bureau, business co-operation of various units and departments, in turn, the number of tobacco-building sector for the modernization of the units of information tools, comprehensively improve the level of information construction unit to improve efficiency and decision-making level has a huge boost. Number of tobacco should be a monopoly by the total number, number of cigarette factories, and other topics such as digital combination of a large system, should include information such as the framework for broadband infrastructure, multimedia information networks, the construction of the hardware environment should be at least meet the National Council (the company), Provincial Bureau (company), Urban (company), the tobacco manufacturing enterprises in four levels of information needs, the content should cover the tobacco industry, business management and marketing all aspects of the operation, such as the tobacco industry, cigarette production and management Decision management system, digital monopoly of cigarette marketing and management of online trading distribution system, digital control of a factory in industrial automation control integration, office automation system (OA), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management system (CRM), etc. and the "digital tobacco" basic data platform development.

With the Internet's development and application of various decision-making tools, enterprise in the acquisition, transfer, use of information resources more flexible, fast and Kai Fang, greatly enhancing the decision makers information processing capabilities and Fanganpingjia choice, expanding the decision-making who's thinking space, to minimize the uncertainty of decision-making process, arbitrariness and subjectivity, and enhance the scientific decision-making, improve the efficiency of decision-making. Tobacco industry cigarette production and management decision-making management system is through information technology and management combine the tobacco industry, cigarette production and business operation to conduct a comprehensive, timely, accurate analysis of business data integration to achieve the tobacco industry, business, cigarette brands cigarette production processes, specifications, production, prices, inventory, costs, profits and the flow of information and business links such as the various cigarette brands, specifications, sales, inventory, transfer grant price, retail price and contract implementation, and other basic data. Cigarette production and operation of the industry to achieve a comprehensive, timely and accurate monitoring and management, production and management decisions to achieve the industry directed scientific, real-time, to achieve the industry daily cigarette production and business data; in accordance with existing management to achieve aggregate, query, analysis , evaluation, assessment, early warning, decision support functions. It is the main means of implementation Tobacco Factory, commercial branch of digital tracking system installed products, industrial and commercial data acquisition system, acquisition of production and sales of industrial and commercial enterprises based on business data, the number of tobacco through the network data transmission channel, the acquisition of production and sales data based on business summarizing the data center to the National Bureau of Trade and Industry, the National Bureau of industry and commerce through the acquisition of production and operation data.

Products Digital track is finished cigarette when offline, by playing paste code machine to play a bar code of each cigarette, while collecting cigarette origin, brand and specification, production date and other information. In the cigarette factory, through the bar code scanner, bar code scanning cigarettes, collecting the physical flow of cigarettes, factory time, ex-factory price. Commercial storage, through bar code scanning cigarettes, collecting cigarette commercial arrival to confirm time and place of arrival. System to track daily automatically collected data digital products submitted to the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau.

Business data acquisition is complete by hand or with the online businesses of the MIS system acquisition, acquisition of industrial enterprises from purchasing raw materials to finished off the assembly line production process cigarette business data and business data link cigarette sales. The data collected through the provincial industrial companies confirmed, reported to the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

Figures Monopoly Monopoly management refers to the use of information technology and electronic equipment, to achieve the industry monopoly Unified management of basic data management, proprietary information sharing and management processes standardized, real-time market surveillance. It includes: 鈶?the computerization of information processing; 鈶?information transmission network; 鈶?database of information resources management; 鈶?of information covering the industry; 鈶?Application of mass information. The information highlights that tobacco commerce. Tobacco E-commerce is conducted using digital electronic cigarette business data exchange and business transactions that carry cigarette cigarette online transactions. Online transactions can regulate cigarette cigarette business conduct, through the introduction of online trading systems and proprietary commodities are permitted systems, financial management system, network, may be invoices, commodities are permitted, the same single transaction to achieve a seamless transportation of cigarettes convergence. In addition, through the automatic replenishment system, also allows municipalities purchased the company organized according to market demand, so that the transport and operation of cigarettes every step in the monitoring. Through the introduction of online trading, put strict controls on the supply, so that a moderately tight, with sales scheduled to enter, so as to prevent the occurrence of irregularities, to stabilize the market price. Cigarettes online trading can also enhance the company's operating management at all levels, regulate cigarette business processes, improve efficiency, reduce transaction costs.

Cigarettes online trading business processes including the formation of supply and demand information, the operation notes, cigarette distribution and cash flow.

The formation of supply and demand information is presented commercial, industrial confirmed, the transaction center and supervising their implementation: 1. City, the company reported to date based on the demand to goods online program. Trading center to balance the city's cargo plans, and plan appropriate adjustments. Balance, the system will automatically generate trading program and go to every cigarette factory. 2. Cigarette factory if you agree city's trading scheme, you can go to market after the company confirmed that, if you do not agree, by the cigarette factory modifications to the plan, in consultation adjusted to market the company and then go to the Municipal Corporation cigarette factory for confirmation. 3. City cigarette factory confirmed the company plans to final confirmation of the transaction, and then go to trading centers. 4. Trading center on both sides of the transaction confirmed plans Kam-chapter summary of the formation of a single cigarette trade.

Commodities are permitted, a single cigarette transactions, VAT receipts, bills of operation process is: 1. Cigarette Factory under the Trading Summary Chapter Kam single print cigarette trading transactions alone, including cigarettes, transport, invoice receipt, sign and other goods. 2. Through the Golden Tax System Interface, cigarette factory cigarette transactions under a single VAT invoice to the City Corporation. 3. Monopoly cigarette transactions under a single management and value-added tax invoice commodities are permitted. 4. Cigarette Factory under the VAT invoice in online delivery confirmation. 5. In the cigarette during transport, value-added tax invoices, single-cigarette trade and commodities are permitted to be accompanied with the goods, cards, bills, tickets, goods to be consistent. 6. City immediately after the company received shipment inspection of goods, and cigarette trade, invoices, commodities are permitted to conduct online confirmation. 7. If a single sign in the cigarette before the requested return transaction, not a single cigarette trade confirmation. Reasons should be reported to trading centers, trading centers will then deal one cigarette aside and inform Provincial Bureau (company) management in accordance with relevant provisions of the Monopoly treatment, while listed companies to return the goods and the associated sales invoice unit, offset the original sales. If the city has to confirm, can be accounted for after the return process, with the buyer resident certificate issued by the tax department go through return business.

Cigarette distribution process is based on a link for the next part of service, the principle of sequential distribution, complete the transaction procedures, the cigarette factory cigarette transactions by a single agreed upon mode of transport, delivery date, place of arrival of goods transport, quasi- transport card, invoice, transaction one-one correspondence with the goods with goods counterparts. Companies from the city to the county's cigarette distribution is also shown by the above principles.

Cash flow of funds through the provincial capital management center for settlement. Settlement process are: 1. Cigarette Factory Inc. VAT invoice to the city, by the system automatically generate and send online sales notice, sales notice-one correspondence with the value-added tax invoices. 2. City, the company receives the goods is verified, confirmed immediately logged online to arrive, while commodities are permitted, invoices, confirm a single transaction, the system automatically recognized sales notice. 3. Province, the company's funds management center under the city's sales for the company to confirm notice automatically receive notice of payment, be automatically reviewed by the seller in the fund management center to increase the "internal savings", while reducing the buyer's " within the deposit. "

Internet to promote the development of productive activities, business activities, form and content of the profound structural changes took place, competition, market structure, enterprise structure, business processes, management, etc. also change with it. In order to meet the challenges of these changes, enterprises must take a number of roads. Digital Tobacco Factory is the factory through the use of digital technology to make a strategic choice to change and make choices greatly expand the scope of the new enterprise. Digital Tobacco Factory is an important part of the number of tobacco is the foundation and the main figures of tobacco. Construction of the new digital Tobacco Factory is not only related to technical factors, but also to the many non-technical factors, which include industrial automation control integrated control, OA (office automation), ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management ) and so on. Control integration is to build a fully integrated, open, integrated automation of the whole factory information platform, the company's horizontal communication (communication with a layer of different nodes) and vertical communication (on the communication between the lower) closely linked on management decision, management, planning, scheduling, process optimization, fault diagnosis, field control information, comprehensive treatment, the formation of the more general integrated management system. Integrated control program in the field control layer by the field bus and control segment composition as an implementation of fieldbus device data of the field level communication network technology, it will automatic control systems and equipment to the plant information network, as Enterprise Information Network of the bottom, so that the coverage of business communication has been extended to the production site, it is applied in the production site of the all-digital, real-time, bi-directional, multi-node digital communication system, which allows a variety of field devices, such as variable transmitter, control valve, recorder, display, PLC and handheld devices and control systems, through the same bus, two-way digital communications and more variable; OA is the use of advanced science and technology, and continually make it part of the office operations, materialized in other than in a variety of modern office equipment, office equipment and personnel by the composition of these services, a purpose in human-machine information processing system. It includes: Comprehensive information and database management, decision support systems, e-mail, transaction processing, property management, financial and e-commerce system; ERP system is controlled by the enterprise as a whole as the main means of computer-aided management, enterprise resources to achieve effective planning, management and control. It is to meet the goal of product availability, product structure, then deploy, develop demand for various products, the volume and timing of demand, inventory and workshop feedback information in the system, so that can guarantee the development of the rolling plan delivery schedule and can reduce the amount of funds used products and raw materials, to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises played a very good guarantee for the role; CRM is the company's operations in the process of accumulating customer information, and use customer information obtained to develop marketing strategy to meet the individual needs of our customers. It can be effectively transmitted from the various channels of customer information in one database. To plant the various departments can share information that a customer database, to improve working to improve customer satisfaction.

In addition to multimedia information network infrastructure, hardware environment, mainly the "digital tobacco" data platform for building information infrastructure needs to build an "information rich in content, updating and maintenance in a timely manner, share exchange convenience" of public infrastructure platform that will be Tobacco industry support all kinds of management information systems of public service platform. "Information rich" refers to the platform data-rich, with powerful information carrying capacity; "update the maintenance time" means the Information Resources area with a clear limitation to effectively update, maintenance period to ensure its meaning is Potential; "Share exchange convenience" refers to data sharing and exchange easy. Platform applications with rich, friendly interface and efficient submission and distribution services.

Follow the national spatial information infrastructure "to strengthen overall planning and promote the comprehensive utilization, avoid blind development," the guiding ideology, "the number of tobacco" information platform for the construction principle of basic data should be "uniform, universal, scientific, standard, shared." "Unity" is the unified leadership at the national Bureau of the premise, to plan, implement, promote and avoid duplication of low-level blind development, improve the operating environment, information resources, comprehensive utilization, etc.; "General" is in the construction, operation, Application of the "digital tobacco" spatial information based data platform, the more common use as far as possible, common operating systems, tools, software, and promote wider application of mature technologies, while maintaining continuous innovation to develop versatility of the technology to meet the different needs ; "Science" is the face of space technology, information technology, rapid development and applications of the constantly growing, construction of the platform to adapt to the requirements of sustainable development; "standard" is Guonei Wai standard already exists on the basis of norms , taking into account a variety of data formats and technical features of a "digital tobacco" spatial data formats, encoding, protocol and other standard system; "share" is the standard system in the framework of the conditions, different systems of data exchange, sharing, and the functional use.

Information exchange based on data network security technology, should be based on the basis of the actual operation data platform and technical requirements, a wider range of security technology combination to achieve, such as: (1) firewall technology, including hardware and software fire walls ; (2) data encryption technology; (3) user authentication. System security including: the operating system licensing, network equipment, rights, privileges application system functions, data access, virus prevention, intrusion monitoring, tracking data changes, the security of data backup and archiving, host room for safe operation, the system Administrator's supervision.

In short, the tobacco system in the digital construction process, to maintain overall planning, step by step, step by step integration of the principles, uphold the practical, advanced, security, openness, integrity combine to make basic data platform for a smooth information play an effective carrying from the "digital tobacco" all kinds of application data, to overcome the "information island" and so on.

"Digital tobacco" after all, is a complex and huge project, in promoting and implementing the course of this work will inevitably encounter all kinds of problems: how to break down departmental barriers, eliminating information isolated island, in a unified, standard base data platform, system-wide sharing of information resources; how to make the building "digital tobacco" the opportunity to accelerate industrial development, expansion of information technology and information services of the scale, quality personnel, development of supporting policies, to create a good atmosphere ... .... "Digital tobacco" is not overnight, a project, a program of work can be done, but a truly reflects the will of the whole system of collective action.


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Flash in the smooth scrolling examples of analytic theory and

Smooth up and down scroll bar example:

Technical Data:

How to use:

Film clips scrollMC the onLoad event:
showHeight = 350;
myHeight = 350;
speed = 13;
targetMovie = "show.testMC";

showHeight used to specify the display a high degree of binding of MC, myHeight specify the height of the scroll bar itself. sliding speed is the speed, the greater its value, sliding more slowly. targetMovie MC specified binding path (relative).

Technical Insider:

ActionScript main focus in an empty movie clip:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) (
mcMoved ();

onClipEvent (load) (
a = eval ("_parent._parent." + _parent.targetMovie);
function mcMoved () (
whereY = - (a._height-_parent.showHeight) * (_parent.dragMC._y / (_parent.myHeight-38));
var tempK = whereY-a._y;
if (Math.abs (tempK)> 1) (
a._y + = tempK / _parent.speed;
nowY = _parent.dragMC._y;

a = eval ("_parent._parent." + _parent.targetMovie); used to bind the MC designated location. Later you can use a._x, a._alpha to access the movie clip, and with this technology are similar _parent ["myMC"].

whereY = - (a._height-_parent.showHeight) * (_parent.dragMC._y / (_parent.myHeight-38)); mainly used to calculate the binding of the MC should scroll to the position.

function goArea (a) (
dragMC._y = (showHeight-38) * a;

This is more important, is directly related to the occupancy rate of the CPU. First of all, if (Math.abs (tempK)> 1) determine the current position to scroll to whether a pixel from the current location of the difference. Math.abs () is to calculate the absolute value of the function. If not, that has to scroll to the location should be accessible, not to redraw the frame. (Flash to draw a frame image to consume considerable CPU, a matter of fact, CPU spent most of the use of display above. AS implementation as long as the little CPU, so necessary to judge, to remove unnecessary re- draw. can reduce the CPU usage. at least in the mouse can not re-interact well reduce the CPU utilization). If its value is greater than 1, it will bind the MC position recalculation.

a._y + = tempK / _parent.speed; is a formula often used for sliding, in fact, is this true formula: a._y + = (whereY-a._y) / _parent.speed here only in the previous step to simplified.

function goArea (a) (
dragMC._y = (showHeight-38) * a;

Function corresponding to the three buttons "scroll to the 1 / 3, scroll to the 1 / 2, scroll to 2 / 3," The principle should not be difficult to understand think about.

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Chen Wende: Narrow City rushed machine must

Luo Sheng Tianjin enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjin Luo Sheng") is a circulation enterprise, usually after the organization received purchase orders from customers (also projected that procurement case). It is understood in the industry rise to the formation of rival Luo and Tianjin enterprises almost rare, in this narrow city to survive should be a pleasant thing, but the general manager of Tianjin Luo Sheng Chen Wende has categorically said: "Narrow City Machine must vie with one another, this world is not the blow. "

ERP to consolidate enterprise infrastructure platform

It is understood that Romanian market rise enterprises concentrated in the mainland, is the most important Romanian companies rose enterprise. Compared to a Taiwanese company, Tianjin Luo Sheng business is more complicated and more representative. "Romania has set up across the country rose 13 sales offices, regional head of line of 7 categories according to the product sales. Despite the limited size of the company Luo l, but the business by product line is divided into seven separate departments, each department purchase orders on their own based on experience and is responsible for their own products. currently Luo Sheng is one more headache for the stock material is too high (roughly 200 million or so). "CHEN Wen said. "At present, the mainland economy has developed rapidly, Luo Sheng results today largely because of time into the industry early, but as time goes by, there will be more and more enterprises to competition. In addition, with the the pressure of the mainland market rising employment costs, the market will consciously out small businesses out of the rest is truly strength in this environment, Tianjin Luo l must also be prepared into a new Oracle ERP system is a must line. "

Lo Sheng Tianjin were responsible for system implementation and business processes into all sort of Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the implementation of the project, said project manager Jiang Weiren, the existing business operations in the industrial sector, simply relying on the hard disk-type management system has long been can not meet enterprise needs. All entered information from the customer service seen in the past, more and more enterprises want to use advanced management tools business process re-sort in the structures based on the excellent platform for further information and development. Process of e-efficiency requirements

Turning to Lo Sheng Tianjin's position in Asia, said Chen Wende, Tianjin Sheng Lo Sheng Lo is the largest one company, is the last line of the first leg of the new system, will follow after the formal run cloned into Hong Kong and Taiwan. From 1984 to 2008, Tianjin Luo l have 4 people from small workshop to more than 300 employees-scale enterprises. Requirements necessary requirement for efficiency in the process based on e-increase system response speed.

At present, Tianjin Luo rose from procurement to production to sales, inventory, financial and other aspects of the management software has different levels of dependence. Chen Wende said: "Since the sale of business properties, Tianjin Luo Sheng often encountered in the industry question the role of conversion, therefore requires a system able to provide the necessary security restrictions platform, and can concentrate on monitoring these rights, centralized dispatch." He introduction, Luo Sheng enterprise has 20 years of IT experience, has become familiar with the information into custom affect important weight, can not wait until the break as soon as possible become a bottleneck that day.

In view of this, the project manager, said Jiang Weiren Luo Sheng Tianjin is currently a project to do ERP testing. Project testing and implementation of modules does not exist has the order of one, including financial management, logistics management, order management and other business modules, including nine simultaneous tests, expected to be formally launched in April.

The first requirement is the flexibility of unified management

Chen Wende said: "The current rise Luo faced by the Group can not integrate information systems; can not effectively provide the Group unification of management information platform and quickly correct the information within the enterprise integration problem; unable to provide senior management group and speed up decision-making based on the issues the speed of processing and response problems; and the mainland of China in Tianjin Luo rise in the sales business process management and control of credit occurred, changing products, and price management problems. "In this regard, Jiang Weiren said:

Unilaterally in the business then, as the rise does not affect the existing pattern of Tianjin Luo, the integration of logistics and transportation management; available to dealers and customers more timely, accurate shipping information, improve customer satisfaction; all the information into the flexible use of Oracle open architecture, the second development to integrate business network in Tianjin Luo Sheng flexibility and fast under the single edge; Oralce ERP system in tandem with the sales price control management, customer credit control and accounts receivable processing and so on seamless integration. The purpose of this one can improve customer satisfaction, while sales of changing products and avoid inappropriate behavior, on the other hand will not be damaging the interests of the company.

Cost control, the current rise in line in Tianjin Luo sales process, there is rapid orders, fast shipping needs. However, the old information system products but because of processing costs in the calculation process is too slow and cause is not immediately after the completion of work orders shipped distress storage, thus affecting the customer's delivery. This part of the whole business into the information network by integrating under a single rose immediately after the throw to Oracle by way of production management system, providing Tianjin Luo rise in customer orders, ready for immediate access to processing procedures; and immediately after the completion of shipments to customers. Month follow-up with Oracle ERP to be the weighted average cost of operations when the roll count at the end of the actual cost of the properties, accurately calculate the actual batch work order cost. Thus not only speed up the delivery of fluency, but also give rise to clear Tianjin Luo grasp the profit status of each order. Links:

1984, Luo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. established

Investment in the mainland in 1993, set up in Tianjin Luo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

2002, through ISO-9001: 2000 international quality certification

Luo Sheng Tianjin in 2003 has been set up 13 branch offices

In 2004 investment in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Lo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. established

Corporation (Luo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.) shares listed in Taiwan

Investment in Singapore in 2005 to set up Singapore Luo Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Luo Sheng Tianjin Airport Industrial Park in Tianjin to invest and 20 003 thousand square meters factory

2006, Luo Sheng Tianjin headquarters to the new plant, construction of e-commerce system upgrade

Background information system vendors:

All into the Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (AdvancedTEK Technology Inc.) Founded in 2003, is a leading consultancy Brand in Greater China "forward International Group AdvancedTEK" Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai and Shenzhen offices. "Forward International Group" in manufacturing, especially high-tech industries, has 10 years of rich information services, consulting and system implementation experience, over 300 people in the consulting team, and an international software company ORACLE, Hyperion, Agile, Brooks , UGS, HP, SUN and other major consulting services partner, is the ORACLE Partner of the Year, 2007, Greater China Areas. Main business is to provide the information needed to multinational global logistics applications consultancy services (MES, ERP, SCM, PLM, BI, EPM, CRM), large-scale systems integration services (SUN MicroSystem), consultancy services, the mainland bonded contract Customs verification systems consultancy services (GCC), information outsourcing services, strategic planning, operations management.

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"Sacred 2 Fallen Angel" mission concert details

Task Location: King City clear the lower right

Task People: Hans

The figure below shows the mission area & people & awards equipment Screenshot:

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Change with the time


October 2002, IBS core banking system went into operation in Hong Kong, Bank of Communications, one-time switch of the original Bank of China Group's support system. The project lasted three years, including nearly 40 business application subsystems, covering the Hong Kong Exchanges and existing business lines. Exchange Bank in Hong Kong are using next-generation system to branch offices in Tokyo and Singapore to extend.
Since 1999, the overall restructuring based Bank of Communications, Bank of Communications Hong Kong Branch of the computer business support from BOC Group spin-off began, and proceeded to re-establish an independent banking computer services architecture. During the three years the division of work, one of the most important aspects is to develop a new generation of computer applications to replace existing support systems, and scalability on the functional upgrade.


IBS software development under contract, Goyang provide comprehensive application of computer system products to meet the Hong Kong Bank of Communications, a new generation of computer applications on the overall concept, with the overall structure, high automation, technical state stability, data security, and future new business expansion should be the overall adaptability. The integrated application system is fully covered by the existing Central Bank of Communications Hong Kong, Bank of China Group in Hong Kong Computer Centre, Computer applications.
IBS software development projects to achieve the following objectives:
1, the establishment of an integrated system with an overall structure, rather than a superposition of the various independent applications, and a pile;
2, the establishment of highly automated business processing system, rather than the original operation is a process of simulation and modeling;
3, the establishment of "all-weather" system running mechanism, 7 X 24-hour operation;
4, the establishment of safe, reliable and efficient operating environment;
5, a unified customer information management and customer credit management system;
6, a "full-featured teller system" of technical support environment;
7, a unified platform for electronic banking services;
8, authorized the establishment of a unified management system;
9, to support Chinese and English processing;
10, is conducive to the promotion of bank management to adapt and reform.
Integrated system in IBS, according to business type or species of business of the bank into several applications. The scope of application systems in various banks under the specific circumstances. In order to achieve the integrity of banking operations, IBS system first from the public, foundation and relevance of the business began, gradually, in the framework of a unified platform to develop independently in various applications.
1, the public nature of applications means that other applications have access to public information system is a fully automated application architecture in the overall bank address some of the public.
2, basic applications, is a basic account management, banking system, deal with other business systems are dependent on the existence of these accounts.
3, related applications, basic bank account is an extension of the middle of dealing with business systems, around the basic applications related commenced.

Benefit Comments

With the project, Gao Yang, together with our customers with a full year, a comprehensive analysis of its operations, its business has been re-optimized. The year-long test acceptance, the project system performance and efficiency are beyond the intended target, has been recognized by the HKMA. After the assessment of third-party consultants, the project system is fully able to meet the competitive needs of the future of cross-line.
System conversion is a painful process, especially in the mainframe environment, the external device, system platform, user interface, business applications, terminal equipment, the system elements with the replacement of the case, the difficulties and risks of self-evident. Therefore, the industry experts to large-scale conversion of old and new system compared to two aircraft in flight, the transfer of passengers in the air, showing the difficulty of this work. However, the difficulties and opportunities with the risk and successfully co-exist. As long as we seize this opportunity and pressure into motivation, well-designed, carefully implemented, success is not not sure. As the Hong Kong Bank of Communications, the original system and an extensive network of many business systems and data, there is no practical environment, load testing, there is no real sense of old and new systems run in parallel, because most business transactions can not be by old and new systems secondary matching of input and analog processing. We must all of the old terminal overnight system, old and new host of equipment and communication network switch is completed, and for old and new application systems and data conversion. The actual case for the Hong Kong Bank of Communications down a successful Goyang footnote.
Gao Yang, as the project's software services, providing a total solutions and software development. Finance projects of this size can be implemented at one go, is still rare in the domestic and foreign markets. Thanks to the talented people in Goyang and accumulated experience, and a well-designed and powerful core banking products: IBS.
Hong Kong is an international financial center, financial services breadth and complexity is currently none. Gao Yang with international development strategy, extensive industry experience and complete solution won the trust of customers for the development of overseas markets in the successful attempt.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Removal of DW MX 2004 supplementary table width

Dreamweaver MX 2004 to increase the table width of the new auxiliary line function, so that we can edit the HTML form when the form is clear that the width of each cell and change, it is intuitive.

But if we do not want Dreamweaver MX 2004 automatically displays the width of the auxiliary line, how to do? Here are three ways.

Cancellation Form width auxiliary line displayed, if you want to show again, as long as the method according to the second and third set up "table width" display can.

Method 1

Select the form, click on the width of auxiliary line number and small triangles, from the menu, select "Hide table width."

Method 2

Click on the toolbar view (view option) icon from the drop-down menu, select "visualization assistant", the "table width" in front of the hook removed.

Method 3

Select the menu "View - Visual Assistant", the "table width" in front of the hook removed.

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